Grimm End: Chapter 2

She glanced down both directions on the street before she tapped on the old wooden door of the Golden Lamp Pawn Shop. The windows were dark, and the sign was off. She knew her arrival was expected. It was not expected quite as much as required. Despite the cool night breeze blowing through the town, she was starting to sweat.

The street was almost deserted, except for a pair of dark figures that were ambling along toward her. They were bundled in dark coats with their hoods pulled over their faces. They were murmuring to each other, but Molly couldn’t catch what they were saying.

As they passed the door, Molly pressed her back against it and watched them. The hoods turned toward her for a moment, the blackness inside undisturbed by the little bit of light from the street lamp nearby. Then, they were past her and moving further down the street. Molly caught a hint of mint in the air after they had gone. The mint, she knew, was used to cover the smell of decay that often accompanied the presence of the Dead.

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Grimm End: Chapter 1

The sun had already set when Molly Blair slipped down the servant stairs to the kitchen. It had been several hours since the evening meal and she found the kitchen clean and deserted. She checked again to make sure that she had the neatly folded old papers in her pocket. This is the last time, she thought to herself. After tonight, her debt is paid.

She glanced out through the dining room as she passed the swinging door that had been propped open for the night. The chandelier’s crystals refracted the last light of the evening, sending little dots of colored light here and there throughout the room. She hurried to the door leading outside. That door served as the servant’s entrance to the house as well as the door where delivery men would drop off sides of beef, cases of wine and packages of all shapes and sizes supplying the household with everything it needed. At that time of night, it was as forgotten as the kitchen. A moment later, she was out in the cool evening air and running across the yard to the trees.

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Every year in November, National Novel Writing Month challenges participants to write 50,000 words in 30 days. I participated in 2006 when I wrote my first attempt at a Grimm End story. I managed to crank out about a dozen words above the 50,000 mark and ended up qualifying as a winner for the year. However, I did no planning ahead of time and ended up with some interesting ideas but not much of what you would call a novel.

In the years since then, I haven’t taken the time to participate. The 50,012 words that make up that first attempt still sit in a folder on my computer untouched since that last day of November in 2006. I’ve tried to jump start it several times but only succeeded in creating entertaining, but fairly useless, scenes that lead nowhere.

This year, I have done an abundance of planning and have what appears to be a workable list of 60 or so scenes that I want to flesh out and may, by the end of November, end up with a decent first draft of my first novel.

I know that some authors look down on the NaNoWriMo exercise. I feel that, while I will not end with a finished novel, for me it is a good exercise. I can disconnect my inner editor and allow the writer in me to pour out a large number of words in a rough form. The creation of the first draft of a written work is my biggest weakness. However, I know that I can shape just about anything into something entertaining through editing later.

If you are in the mood for writing a boat-load of words in November, come join us. If not, I’ll see you in December when it is over.

Grimm End

Shrouded in mist on the shores of Lake Superior, the small town of Shadow Bluffs sprang up over a century ago around the the ancestral home of Cornelius J. Kask, master showman and collector of dark antiquities.

Now, Thomas, Sara and Daniel Cross are moving into the mansion known as Grimm End. Before long, they find themselves tangled in the mysteries of the strange people that call Shadow Bluffs their home.

Join the Cross teens as they begin to unravel the web of secrets and discover the evil lurking not only in the misty town but also in the dark recesses of their new home.