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Grimm End: Chapter 3

Posted on Dec 15, 2012

The road back to the mansion wound up through the hills above the little town for a couple miles. Molly never liked sneaking out to see the Moira women. It always meant a long walk to town and back.

When she was almost back to the gate leading up to the mansion, she saw that there was a car parked at the side of the road. It wasn’t running, and its lights were off. She crossed to the opposite side of the road to pass it.

When she was alongside it, she realized that it was the Sheriff’s patrol car and the driver’s door was open. The Sheriff was nowhere to be seen. She hurried ahead to get away from the road and back to the mansion as fast as she could.

She saw something move slowly out from the trees ahead of her. She stood still in the middle of the road. The gate to the mansion’s driveway was still several hundred yards ahead, and the creature was between it and her. It was too far back to town. She didn’t know where to run.

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