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Grimm End is about Zombies Werewolves Family.

Posted on Feb 05, 2013

On the surface, you may think that Grimm End is all about shape shifters, zombies and wizards with an odd alien and banshee thrown in for good measure. But below the surface, Grimm End is all about family

Sara Cross has watched her family fall apart over the last several years after her father disappeared without a trace. Her mother, who was an outgoing and loving woman, turned inward and has all but given up her nurturing role in the family. Sara’s brothers, Daniel and Thomas, are also drifting off in their own directions.

Except for the evening dinner, the last vestige of family tradition, the members of the Cross family exist only as separate entities, not a family unit.

When the strange world of her great-grandfather enters their reality, it threatens to sever the last ties between the members of this fragile family and turn them against each other.

To salvage what she can of her family, Sara must try and convince her family that only together can they battle the evil that faces them. Together as a family, they could overcome their enemies and survive.

So, even though there are people in Grimm End who can turn into cougars, bears and wolves; and even though there are dead people that are haunting the streets in dark places; and even though there are other strange creatures that terrorize the hills and valleys of Grimm End, the story is about one family and how they must depend upon each other to stay together and to stay alive.

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