Grimm End: Chapter 3

Posted on Dec 15, 2012

The road back to the mansion wound up through the hills above the little town for a couple miles. Molly never liked sneaking out to see the Moira women. It always meant a long walk to town and back. When … Continue reading

Grimm End: Chapter 2

Posted on Dec 14, 2012

She glanced down both directions on the street before she tapped on the old wooden door of the Golden Lamp Pawn Shop. The windows were dark, and the sign was off. She knew her arrival was expected. It was not … Continue reading

Grimm End: Chapter 1

Posted on Dec 11, 2012

The sun had already set when Molly Blair slipped down the servant stairs to the kitchen. It had been several hours since the evening meal and she found the kitchen clean and deserted. She checked again to make sure that … Continue reading